Jordan Pillet / January 11, 2023

New ScaleFlyt Platform feature: Permissions & Groups

Jordan Pillet By Jordan Pillet


Coordination within a team is a major success factor to improve your operations. Attentive to the needs of our users, the ScaleFlyt development team is creating great features designed for you. Working with you, we listen to your wishes and turn them into reality. The assignment of management rights to a member of the organisation by the owner is therefore considered necessary on the ScaleFlyt Platform in order to promote collaboration and improve teamwork.

In this article, we talk about sharing and assigning management rights of an organisation and its members from the organisation settings.

Note: Only the Owner of the organisation can assign management rights to a member. These members then become administrators (Admin). Once a member becomes an Admin, they will also be able to allocate management rights to other members of the organisation, thus relieving the constraints of the Owner.



What are the different permissions?

The ScaleFlyt Platform proposes several roles within your organisation, thus assigning permissions adapted to each of them.

The owner is able to manage organisation members, business information, plan and billing.

Then, there is the "Administrator" (Admin) role on the Platform. This role also covers the rights to manage the organisation and its members but does not have access to the financial billing and packages part of the organisation.

And finally, the “Members” is an integral part of the organisation and has no specific rights but has access to the whole services include on the package.


What do management rights allow?

Management rights allow you to access the organisation's settings. These settings are accessible directly in the “Profile and Members” section. This allows you to change settings specific to your organisation.

The management rights also allow you to add one or more license numbers (Operation Number - OPRN) of your organisation but also to modify or delete them. You also have the possibility to add members but also to remove them. The Owner and the Admin have the ability to share some of the above mentioned management rights with the members of the organisation, but also to remove these rights.

In order to provide a better overview of the assignment of permissions, several videos show the application of these changes.


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