Remote id
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Ensuring the airspace remains safe and secure is essential. This means having the ability to track activities above our heads. This is something aviation authorities are taking very seriously. EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) are already implementing a regulatory framework that encompasses drone operation services, processes and procedures, beginning with compulsory e-registration of pilots and identification of drones.

Identification & tracking 

The Remote ID solution is a virtual license plate onboard in IoT tracker, which enables a drone to be geolocated and identified, along with its remote pilot. In essence, it delivers the capacity to be an airspace participant bringing strategic deconfliction, improving real time situation awareness.

ScaleFlyt Remote ID is a small add-on, easy-to-integrate, agnostic to any kind of UAV platforms. Everything that communicates with and within the system is cybersecured. It complies with International standard (ASTM and ASD-STAN). The tracking data is transmitted based on the information inputted by the user to a digital platform or USSP/UTM. ScaleFlyt Remote ID used an eSIM to secured and send datas trough cellular network channel (LTE-M and 2G).


Fully compliant with international standard 

 real-time drone fleet tracking

Enabler for Airspace Management, providing trust 

interconnection with the various members of the mission

schematic diagram of how Remote id works


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As a result of your engagement, we are pleased to announce that the next generation release of ScaleFlyt will go live at 09.00 am CEST on thursday 18th of August.