The ScaleFlyt Critical Computer supports the full range of functions for autonomous drone operations: flights control, autopilot, and automatic flight management. With apptoximately 1,000 DMIPS of processing power, 32 MB of RAM and 128 MB of non-volatile memory. It can host mission-critical databases, automatically select contingency flight paths, and even land autonomously in unpopulated areas in the event of an emergency.

These capabilities empower operators to perform complex missions safe in the knowledge that their operations will be resilient to loss of communication and compliant with NAA risk management requirements. The ScaleFlyt Critical Computer from Thales comes with the necessary software libraries to install an autopilot system or certifies applications.

The Critical Computer enable the connection of multiple external sensors through multiple CAN or RS485/RS422/RS232 links, allowing the drone's pilot to select quality sensors and integrate dissimilar sensors, thus lowering the required Design assurance level. The Critical Computer is delivered with a MAVLINK library to interface with the ecosystem built around this open standard.