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The ScaleFlyt add-on suits is a product line enabling safe and secure drone operations at scale.


Identification & tracking

Ensuring the airspace remains safe and secure is essential. This means having the ability to track activities above our heads. This is something aviation authorities are taking very seriously. EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) are already implementing a regulatory framework that encompasses drone operation services, processes and procedures, beginning with compulsory e-registration of pilots and identification of drones.
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Containment solution

Flying drones near critical areas is always a problem. The risk of a drone trespassing and entering a No Fly Zone is high. This is why Thales introduces its safe containment solution, ScaleFlyt Geocaging. This add-on compliant with EASA regulations on containment solution will ensure the drone to stay in the pre-defined cage with the right level of safety. You can connect the ScaleFlyt Geocaging to a Flight Termination System (FTS), like a parachute to reach higher level of safety. ScaleFlyt Geocaging is the higher ground risk mitigation in the SORA enabling drone to operate in complex environment.

Navigation resilience

To fly autonomously, drones are relying on GNSS signals. Those signals are very low in power and can be subject to interferences or jamming threats. These interferences can be intentional or unintentional. A small GNSS jammer available on internet for less than 50 USD can generate high risk during drone operations.

To secure your operations against this growing risk, ScaleFlyt antijamming is the ultimate solution. It offers risk mitigation with high protection to the GNSS receiver against interferences and jamming threats.