Experience high-performance technology with ScaleFlyt GNSS Antijamming from Thales. Our expertise in GNSS Antijamming technology for larger platforms, Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna (CRPA) for Helicopter/Combat Aircraft, and new Radio Frequency technology, enables us to offer the best STAP (Space Time Adaptive Processing) algorithm performance in miniaturized hardware. Our solution effectively nullifies wideband (WB) jammers, cancels continuous wave (CW) and narrowband (NB) interferers in their direction, and ensures full satellite performance outside of the nulling diagram.

Our CRPA technology is renowned for providing the best interference protection for GNSS receivers against jamming and interference. The antenna array and the Associated Electronic Unit (AEU) work together to destructively combine the interfering signals received, enhancing the availability of GNSS-based navigation systems. Our antijamming process is updated every millisecond to adapt to the dynamic environment and fast-moving jammers, providing protection even against non-static jammers.