Navigation resilience
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To fly autonomously, drones are relying on GNSS signals. Those signals are very low in power and can be subject to interferences or jamming threats. These interferences can be intentional or unintentional. A small GNSS jammer available on internet for less than 50 USD can generate high risk during drone operations.  To secure your operations against this growing risk, ScaleFlyt antijamming  is the ultimate solution. It offers risk mitigation with high protection to the GNSS receiver against interferences and jamming threats.

The navigation resilience

This solution is design to operate in harsh dynamic environments and achieves the cancellation of a jamming source using a high-speed space-time technique. The high performance of ScaleFlyt Antijamming makes efficient with 2 antennas array while requiring a small amount of space and low extra carrying capacity to be integrated within the host platform and can be adapted to the requirements of any GNSS L1/E1 receiver.

The anti-jamming performance is given by its capability to lower the jamming power. The ratio of these power levels, known as nulling constitutes the anti-jamming performance. This rejection is equivalent to reducing the harmful distance of the jammer by a ratio of 10 compared to the situation without our soluition.



influence jammer’s range reduce by a factor 10



schematic diagram of how antijamming works


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