ScaleFlyt Platform
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Thales’s ScaleFlyt is a user-friendly drone operations management platform

It enables organisations of all sizes to scale up their business activities. ScaleFlyt allows them to manage their UAV fleet to perform complex VLOS and BVLOS missions. Our software services help deliver safe and lawful operations through regulatory compliance and airspace management interoperability.

ScaleFlyt platform fits the needs of any size of fleets

Made for you

Suitable for all drone program sizes, ScaleFlyt provides all the tools needed to manage the complexity of UAV operations and develop a successful drone business. Easy to access, all these tools are hosted in one place for convenience and increased productivity. Our platform gives your organisation access to features that fit with your operational needs and encourages best practice to conduct safe and lawful operations.


"If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together."

Your organisation needs attention. It is the first layer to look after when organising your business operations.

Manage your organisation efficiently by keeping control of your crew, equipment, documents, processes, schedules and budgets. ScaleFlyt allows you to work collaboratively and centralises the information that is important to all your stakeholders. An essential step to successful drone operations, resource organisation and skilful planning, will avoid untoward surprises. Iron out inconsistencies and masterfully coordinate your team and equipment usage. Save time, gain in efficiency, and concentrate fully on your mission.

ScaleFlyt Platform mockup : manage your organisation
ScaleFlyt Platform mockup : manage your fleet

Manage your fleet

Your fleet is what does the work so it requires all your attention and care, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. ScaleFlyt allows you to easily monitor your fleet by gathering all the information needed for its management. By managing your fleet, you limit the risks associated with its use, you are kept informed of the devices available for use, as well as other information specific to your devices.

You have the possibility to manage your payload (tracker, etc.), and to input specific information about your drone. This allows you to conduct your operations planning in an efficient and accurate way. The management of your fleet allows you to share accurate data within your organisation thanks to a user- friendly interface.

Manage your flight operations

Good knowledge of your environment allows you to have a better management of risks and to operate in a safer and more secure way. Be fully involved in the management of your flight operations. The ScaleFlyt Platform helps you in the analysis of the environment and risk assessment. Our BVLOS features fit your operational needs, providing you with safety-compliant flight plans to reduce your risk exposure.

You are now able to manage complex drone operations at scale with many risk assessment and management tools.

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ScaleFlyt Platform workflow diagram


Promote safety compliance



Save up on preparation time



Simplify your workflows



Scale up your activity


(1) Feature may be limited by the cloud storage capacity
(2) Compatible with ScaleFlyt Geocaging solution
(3) Avaible in specific countries
*then 39€/month from 12/31/2022

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As a result of your engagement, we are pleased to announce that the next generation release of ScaleFlyt will go live at 09.00 am CEST on thursday 18th of August.