containment solution
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Flying drones near critical areas is always a problem. The risk of a drone trespassing and entering a No Fly Zone is high. This is why Thales introduces its safe containment solution, ScaleFlyt Geocaging. This add-on compliant with EASA regulations on containment solution will ensure the drone to stay in the pre-defined cage with the right level of safety. You can connect the ScaleFlyt Geocaging to a Flight Termination System (FTS), like a parachute to reach higher level of safety. ScaleFlyt Geocaging is the higher ground risk mitigation in the SORA enabling drone to operate in complex environment.

Containment solution

ScaleFlyt Geocaging comes with an add-on to put on the drone, a RF dongle and a mobile app to draw the cage. The ScaleFlyt Geocaging Add-on is the first device to provide autonomous position evaluation, alerts and automatic FTS triggering. It provides also real time display of the flights and alerts.


Increase operational flight volume

enable flight authorization
even close to restricted areas

Guarantees to keep the drone in an enclosed area

 Compliant with EASA standards

schematic diagram of how geocaging works


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As a result of your engagement, we are pleased to announce that the next generation release of ScaleFlyt will go live at 09.00 am CEST on thursday 18th of August.