The SOARIZON Team / November 7, 2019

Do you need to register your drone?


It is a legal requirement in the UK that drone pilots or operators are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This reqirement became law on 30th November 2019.

The CAA drone registration service requires those who own or fly a drone in the UK to register and pass an online safety test. You will need to renew your registration every year at:

Register drone infographic-1

We've made this handy infographic to show exactly what you need to do if you own or fly a drone in the UK. Just click on the image to see the full size version.

You can find out more information and register at 

Do I need to register my drone?

If your drone is over 250g and you intend to fly in the UK then you will need to register as an operator or pilot (or both) on the CAA's website.

Do I need to register my drone if it's only a hobby?

Yes. All drone and model aircraft pilots, whether hobbyist or professional, must register.

How much is  drone registration?

Registration is £9. You might also need to pass an online safety test.

I'm a professional drone pilot - do I still need to take the test?

Maybe. It depends whether you are named under your company's permissions (known as PfCO). It's best to check with on the CAA website. 

Do I need to register each of my drones?

Drone registration works by registering the pilot, not each individual drone. You'll be assigned a flyer ID and / or and Operator ID. It doesn't matter how many drones you have - there's only one payment.

Who do I have to register as a drone pilot with the CAA?

The CAA have regulatory jurisdiction over all civil aircraft in UK. Drone registration is a way for them to keep track of all pilots and operators within the UK, ensuring that all registered pilots understand how to stay safe while flying and know the rules governing drone use.

It also allows the CAA and other authorities to access the appropriate paperwork if any questions arise in the day to day undertaking of your work using drones.

If you're a commercial pilot, it could give your clients extra confidence that you are a trustworthy and legal operator. 

What if I lose my drone?

As part of the registration scheme, the CAA have set up a website called Drones Reunited. Those who have lost a drone can report it missing, and those who have found one can upload the details onto the site. If your operator ID is displayed on your drone it'll make it much easier to reunite you with your lost tech.

IF you have any other questions, or to register, head over to the CAA website at: 

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