Jordan Pillet / June 16, 2023

ScaleFlyt collects and secures data during drone flights

Jordan Pillet By Jordan Pillet

ScaleFlyt is a digital platform designed to safely manage your large-scale drone operations. This includes flight planning, mission monitoring and analysis, collaboration with team members, etc. Thanks to Thales's advanced aeronautical and aerospace knowledge, ScaleFlyt makes it possible to carry out all these operations in a secure manner. With ScaleFlyt, you can rest assured that your flights are in compliance with the legislation. Read on to find out how and why.


Collecting drone operating data  with ScaleFlyt

The ScaleFlyt Platform does not store data, but acts as a gateway. At this time, it transmits the collected data and images to an AI analysis platform (WizyVision). But the fact that ScaleFlyt Platform is in the cloud is its real strength, as this will allow us to integrate new data uploading applications in the future.

ScaleFlyt offers many advantages:

  • All-in-one solution, via a hub, which avoids using a multitude of applications
  • Mission data prepared in ScaleFlyt is made available to UTMs (Unmanned Traffic Managers)
  • The data collected allows you to better manage your drone fleet
  • Each user can download part of the data and export it in PDF format
  • Possibility to analyse the data directly from the platform, for fleet monitoring and counting the flight hours of each pilot

Protecting sensitive data is an obligation

In the European Union, the collection, processing, and storage of personal data are strictly governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  and the Data Protection Act of 2018. From a "data" point of view, a drone is a mobile sensor platform. According to the European authorities responsible for data protection, a drone is therefore considered  as a vehicle for observing, acquiring, and transmitting geolocated data. Any personal  data collected by drone, i.e. any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, must therefore follow processing rules compliant with this legislation: acquisition, storage, retention, security, etc.

ScaleFlyt secures drone operation data collection and storage 

The ScaleFlyt platform protects your sensitive data and secures its collection as well as all communication between members of your teams.

How does ScaleFlyt secure drone data collection and storage?

ScaleFlyt uses security protocols based on industry standards. ScaleFlyt benefits from Thales's cybersecurity expertise: For the Thales group, the cybersecurity of our applications plays a key role, as we have a solid reputation in this area. Each stage of our product development goes through a thorough cybersecurity analysis. Encryption of stored data: All data collected on the platform is secured by SSL encryption, as are all communications: operator registries, reports, secure chats, logbooks, etc.

In addition, the uploading of images is secured by SSL encryption.

Restricted access through authentication and access control: ScaleFlyt allows you to create user profiles with different levels of authorisation: owner, administrator, member. Each access is controlled through authentication, and continuous monitoring is used to detect unauthorised access attempts.

European servers: By using ScaleFlyt, you can ensure that the data collected is stored in European data centres,  thus complying with the legislation in force in the European Union.

Additional  protection solutions

We also offer additional protection solutions for use in conjunction with the ScaleFlyt platform. These allow you to further improve your flight safety by benefiting from the best technologies offered by the Thales Group.

ScaleFlyt Remote ID: A remote identification tracker that allows drone operators to easily share flight information with aviation authorities, law enforcement, other operators, and the general public.


ScaleFlyt secures the data collected during your drone operations:

  • Encryption

  • Access control

  • European servers

  • Optional: protection against interference, cyberattacks, secure tracking, etc.


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