Jordan Pillet / November 3, 2023

Elevate safe drone integration with Thales ScaleFlyt Remote ID Tracker

Jordan Pillet By Jordan Pillet

Thales's expertise in avionics dates to the beginning of modern aviation. Over time, Thales has established itself as a leader, particularly by developing critical systems for both military and civilian applications. Thales has made significant strides in the realm of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and drone technology. Their deep understanding of avionics systems, sensor technology, and data management has allowed them to adapt their capabilities to the emerging drone market. ScaleFlyt is a product line dedicated to drones and uniquely positioned to integrate drones seamlessly into connected airspace management, with a primary focus on safety. With a profound understanding of UAV operations, ScaleFlyt is committed to enhancing safety through innovative solutions such as Remote ID, making it a significant player in the evolving field of unmanned flight.

Why should you adopt ScaleFlyt Remote ID?

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ScaleFlyt Remote ID offers significant value that enhances safety, security and operational efficiency. Let's take a closer look at the operational advantages delivered by the ScaleFlyt Remote ID Tracker.

Be compliant for the upcoming regulatory framework

ScaleFlyt Remote ID is a crucial device for achieving full compliance with drone regulatory frameworks by providing unmanned traffic managers with real-time awareness of UAV positions, thereby proactively averting potential collisions with other aircraft. This innovative technology not only enhances overall safety for both drones and manned aircraft but also streamlines regulatory compliance efforts, becoming a prerequisite for accessing controlled airspace, especially for drone operators seeking authorization to operate in proximity to airports and restricted zones.

Quickly locate your lost drone with ScaleFlyt Remote ID

ScaleFlyt Remote ID is an indispensable asset for locating lost drones. It provides real-time location tracking, including GPS data, enabling you to precisely identify your drone's last known whereabouts. Additionally, it records historical flight data, capturing flight trajectory and duration, which can prove invaluable in recovery endeavors. You can share this tracking information with relevant authorities or seek assistance from the drone community, and some systems even offer notification alerts for immediate response. While the effectiveness of recovery may vary, having Remote ID significantly bolsters your chances of reclaiming a lost drone.

Improve your fleet monitoring

Fleet managers can monitor the real-time status and location of all drones within their fleet from a centralized system. This allows better resource allocation, scheduling, and decision-making, leading to more efficient operations and cost savings. The flight manager can know all about drone availability, and the number of drone flight hours associated to one ScaleFlyt Remote ID tracker. All collected and stored data related to flight paths, altitudes, and other operational metrics can be analyzed to optimize flight routes, assess equipment performance, and make informed decisions to improve overall fleet performance.

Trusted solution for data confidence

As ScaleFlyt Remote ID sends real-time data to the UTM, it allows the operator to be alerted in case of a potential encounter with an obstacle, especially during BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations.

In addition, Thales ScaleFlyt Remote ID manages the entire lifecycle of the module to ensure security is embedded by design in every stage of the product. Thales modules are designed to support diversified asymmetric key generation to ensure higher security levels, with only public keys and certificates known outside of the module. Each module is also provisioned with its identity based on industry standard such that they can be uniquely identified. Such identity cannot be changed once provisioned securely in the device. Thales sets up and manages Certificate Authority Hierarchy in our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). ScaleFlyt Remote ID modules are equipped with certificates signed by Thales Certificate Authorities.


The certificates are needed to secure data transmission between the ScaleFlyt Remote ID module and the ScaleFlyt Platform. During transmission of Network Remote Identification to the ScaleFlyt Platform, the certificate is used to established mutual TLS (Transport Layer Security) authentication with the platform. The Network Remote Identification data is encrypted at transport layer to ensure confidentiality of the data. In addition to Network Remote Identification, Thales also performs administrative operations on the module over the air, such as firmware updates, device configuration, etc. During such administrative operations, the certificate is used to establish mutual TLS communication between modules and the ScaleFlyt Platform to ensure all data exchanges are confidential.


Thales implements good security practices such as performing key rotation and certificates renewal to reduce the risk of cybersecurity attacks. We keep track of the renewal cycles and ensure such rotation is executed in a timely manner. We also keep our firmware updated during the lifetime of the module. This update is also conducted securely over the air using certificates with minimal impact on end users. We revoke modules that are lost, stolen or compromised to ensure we remove any security vulnerabilities in our system.



In the ever-evolving world of aviation and drone technology, Thales has emerged as a pioneering force, harnessing decades of avionics expertise to lead the way in Unmanned Aircraft Systems. In summary, ScaleFlyt Remote ID is an innovative solution for lost drone retrieval, fleet management, but also for data security, and will be a game-changer for the upcoming years. Thales's unwavering commitment to security, evident in their meticulous security practices and robust module lifecycle management, highlights their dedication to ensuring a safer and more efficient future for unmanned flight. As the skies continue to transform with the rise of drones, Thales stands at the forefront, ready to shape the future of this exciting industry.

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