The SOARIZON Team / July 29, 2020

SOARIZON by Thales and Consortiq join forces to offer services to enterprise drone users


SOARIZON by Thales, Europe’s leading drone operations and compliance management technology provider and Consortiq, leading UAS consultancy and training provider have joined forces to offer businesses and organisations the very best advice, operational support and training.

Typically, developing and running an enterprise drone programme can be expensive, time consuming and fraught with challenges around risk management without the proper guidance.

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Other challenges such as having an in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape, appropriate governance and operational processes and procedures are essential to ensuring any drone operation is run in an efficient, safe and compliant way.

The new alliance removes these barriers to organisations and for those leading enterprise drone operations, with the combined power and detailed expertise of SOARIZON and Consortiq.

Consortiq brings a wealth of expertise in UAS consultancy and support. With a proven track record of providing collaborative support to organisations, enabling them to confidently create a UAS programme framework, covering everything from safety audits and waivers to industry reporting and operations safety case development. Furthermore, Consortiq also provides high quality training services including the new A2 CofC and GVC courses.

SOARIZON provides a one-stop digital platform that enables organisations to plan, track and store all relevant information in one centralised system; from consistent mission planning, through to maintaining up-to-date archives of flight logs, equipment and risk assessments. A single point of record for all drone operations, complete with workflows to ensure consistency across the drone operations of the whole organisation.

Benjamin Orcan, Partnerships and Innovation Manager at SOARIZON said of the collaboration: “Consortiq represents the very highest quality in UAS consultancy services and is at the forefront of some of the most innovative projects in the industry. We are delighted to welcome Consortiq to our ecosystem of industry-leading partners.”

As a product of Thales, global leaders in digital security with an established heritage in aviation and aerospace, businesses using SOARIZON are assured of absolute data security, full compliance and auditability.

Gareth Beverley, COO of Consortiq said: “SOARIZON brings significant value, low risk, and an extremely responsive and much needed capability to the industry. Together, our collaboration provides a professional aviation and aerospace capability with expertise in all aspects of unmanned air systems.”

He added “This alliance will enable our clients to focus on capturing high quality aerial imagery, data gathering and analytics to meet the needs in telecommunications, infrastructure, security, surveillance and other industries and applications. We look forward to working together to make things easier and safer for our clients.”

The two companies will work together to promote safe and compliant UAS operations, helping organisations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their drone programmes.

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