The SOARIZON Team / July 8, 2020

SOARIZON and announce partnership to offer discounted services


We are delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with leading CAA drone training provider, HELIGUY.comTM. The partnership will help to promote the importance of safe drone planning, coupled with high quality training for drone pilots and operators.

SOARIZON’s digital drone planning software enables operators to plan, fly, track, and collaborate on their drone missions - increasing the ease and effectiveness of commercial UAV programmes. 

This secure and efficient ecosystem provides operators with advanced mission planning, airspace intelligence and 3D visualisation, risk assessment tools and flight logging capabilities - all in one easy-to-use drone planning platform.

As one of the leading drone training companies,HELIGUY.comTM understands the value of a streamlined operations management solution engineered for building a fast, effective, and professional drone enterprise.

SOARIZON partners with™

Thanks to the new partnership, drone pilots using SOARIZON to plan their drone flights will receive 20% off online training through HELIGUY Blackbox. Courses offered include:

Any candidates of HELIGUY.comTM will also be eligible for 20% off SOARIZON Elevate, usually £25 per month. Great for growing drone business and for pilots who want to collaborate when planning drone missions.

HELIGUY Blackbox - an e-learning portal delivering the A2 CofC and GVC drone training courses - provides a flexible solution, allowing candidates to access on-demand content, whenever and wherever they like.  


Ben Shirley, HELIGUY.comTM Head of Training, is delighted to join forces with SOARIZON, believing the partnership will add real value to training candidates, empowering them to maintain a full view of all their drone operations, from planning through to approval and delivery. 

Ben said: “SOARIZON is the best platform for operational planning available on the market. It is incredibly intuitive and comprehensive. 

“A lot of our training candidates mention the operational planning process, finding it somewhat laborious and daunting, because they have previously had to switch between different platforms and navigate their way through different information and formats. 

“However, the benefit of utilising SOARIZON’s software is that all of the operational planning is in one place, which streamlines the process and helps you access all of the right information, which is a huge advantage and empowers operators to maximise the potential of their drone commercial drone programmes.”  

Callum Holland, Head of Customer Success at SOARIZON by Thales said: “As one of the UK’s largest and most respected drone training providers, we jumped at the chance to add HELIGUY.comTM to our growing ecosystem of partners.

Heliguy’s commitment to operational excellence mirrors our own, putting the safety and efficiency of drone operations first and foremost. The powerful combination of Heliguy’s training and SOARIZON’s digital platform will enable drone pilots to plan thoroughly, fly safely and scale effectively.”

SOARIZON customers can access the™ training discount by heading to our discounts page. 


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