Promoting safer and more reliable drone operations

White Paper, 2023

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What will you find?

Do you use drones in your day-to-day work, but are still wondering about how to safely create, evaluate and conduct an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operation?

In this comprehensive document, you will find :



The latest developments in the drone ecosystem and the regulatory framework



The various risks on the ground and in the air, based on the SORA methodology



Solutions for reducing UAS risks and improve your drone operations


White paper 2023

Who is Scaleflyt team? 



We are a close-knit team of UAS experts and aviation enthusiasts. ScaleFlyt was built from the ground up, by our in-house team of highly-skilled software engineers, so we can provide our customers with absolute assurance that their data is always secure, backed by Thales’s digital security expertise.

Within an Agile working framework, we work with vigour and at pace. We enjoy creative problem-solving and welcome big ideas, no matter how impossible they may sound.

Working as an autonomous start-up within the wider remit of Thales, we can remain flexible but with access to the wealth of expertise and support that comes from being part of the Thales family.