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ScaleFlyt is a global product line by Thales, dedicated to drone operators and manufacturers, that enables safe and secure drone operations at scale.




ScaleFlyt provides a complete ecosystem of products and equipment supported by a digital platform. Its components are designed to embed into any drone, from the smallest to the largest, and can be retrofitted to seamlessly integrate existing solutions.

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Our ScaleFlyt Digital Platform delivers Drone Operations Management as a convenient and accessible package. 

The ScaleFlyt Platform can considerably boost regulatory compliance[1], shorten preparation time and simplify your operational workflow. Most importantly, ScaleFlyt will reliably scale up with your activities.

Reach your full potential, be safe, be confident, be efficient, give it a try now!

[1] Ensure the appropriate safety management framework that complies with your local aviation safety regulations is adhered to.


All in one

Plan, track and analyse your missions in one simple and secure platform


Safe & secure

Know your data is totally safe with our enterprise-level security built in



Our solutions are compliant with EASA standards 

Drones can work smarter for you. We can help.


The ultimate drone management software to transform your commercial drone missions

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Bring efficiency, oversight and compliance to your drone operations

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Jordan Pillet Discover a new feature


As a result of your engagement, we are pleased to announce that the next generation release of ScaleFlyt will go live at 09.00 am CEST on thursday 18th of August.

Jordan Pillet Zoom on the Team : ScaleFlyt Product owner

Transferring the program from the UK to France means a new team has taken over the development. In each "Zoom on the Team" article you'll get to know the team behind ScaleFlyt. Today, for this first article we introduce our new Product Owner (PO), Vincent Villatte, who came right back from the outback to replace Nick, our esteemed SOARIZON PO, who did a wonderful job at maintaining customer happiness for 3 consecutive years from the UK To get to know Vincent better, here's a Q&A that introducing our new PO.

Callum Holland At The Controls: TLP Drone Security

In our interview series "At The Controls" we talk to our community of drone pilots and operators about their experiences of working with drones and using SOARIZON to manage their operations. For our third instalment, we caught up with Chris Flannagan, a British Army Veteran who has also served with Wiltshire and Thames Valley Police. Chris is the CEO of TLP - Drone Security Specialists, a commercial drone company specialising in drone security and public safety solutions.